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Danny McGinnist Jr

Danny McGinnist Jr. is a mixed-media artist currently focusing on watercolor, acrylics, charcoal, and Conté on canvas and recycled materials.  His work is centered around growth, vitality, and the beauty of culture. He overlays bold and vibrant hues with the intricacies of his experiences, rewriting beauty into overlooked histories. His work is an invitation to expand our perspectives, rid ourselves of stigmas, and find points of connection between us all. 

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, McGinnist currently resides in the Bay Area where he has been working on his debut series, Roots and Petals. After taking advice from Kehinde Wiley, McGinnist moved from St. Louis to San Francisco in 2018 to pursue an education at SFAI.

Long before his education at SFAI, McGinnist’s self-taught talents helped establish his space in the art world. He has drawn inspiration from Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kehinde Wiley, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Dé Joneiro Jones. A few of his notable collectors include Fair Trade USA, Kehinde Wiley, Chris Paul, Julie Pilat, Dé Joneiro Jones, Miguel McKelvey, Gracie family.

His body of work spans many styles and includes painting, drawing, digital art, and music production. Regardless of the medium, McGinnist’s work speaks to inclusion, representation, and liveliness. McGinnist uses his art as an opportunity to invest in community, education and history. He hopes to create a legacy of knowledge and prosperity for our future generations.

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