As flowers grow from the dirt, fight for light, absorb water, and rebound from forces, we similarly persevere through adversities to create our own legacies. Petals exist because roots pursue life and choose vitality. The Roots and Petals series celebrates history, community, culture and the evolution of identity.  

Roots and Petals is a visual memoir about the communities that nourished our foundations, gave us our roots, and, in one way or another, encouraged our petals to unravel. Through the reconstruction of childhood photos, Danny McGinnist Jr. confronts his past to control his narrative, present his memoir, and pay homage to the people and places that helped form his truth. 

Roots and Petals is an ongoing series, diverse in technique and mediums. The painting styles vary throughout the series, reflecting McGinnist’s personal relationship with his subject matter.  Cake, Glue, RM and living Inside, are four pieces created on canvas, paper, and recycled surfaces. Roots and Petals uses materials as a means of storytelling -- in some cases, the material mirrors the memories. Living Inside was created with the paperboard found on the back of a 25x36 sketchbook. As a child, McGinnist would practice his art on old notebooks. Now in his professional career, McGinnist has found comfort in creating on paperboards and other overlooked materials. 

Danny puts forth an entirely original series about the beauty of Black culture and the strength of communities. In 2018, Danny moved to San Francisco to pursue an education at SFAI. While living on his own, Danny gained a new perspective on the importance of community and purpose. The desire to showcase his surroundings and honor his narrative became the foundation for Roots and Petals. 

While beginning with his own story, Roots and Petals stems beyond personal experiences and reveals the beauty, connectivity, and evolution of Black communities. The paintings speak life into memories and offer an entrance into perspectives that have gone unobserved.



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